Alpoholics Reward Scheme


Alpoholics Reward Scheme

Once you complete your first holiday with Alpoholics you automatically become a valued member of our Alpoholics Reward Scheme – “ARS”! As a returning guest we are delighted to be able to offer you a range of exclusive benefits that just keep growing and growing the more points you accrue.

The ingenious system is cumulative, so each new tier’s exclusive benefits are simply added to your existing rewards. This means you can enjoy them time and time again when you stay with Alpoholics.

Green – 100 points

You will earn 100 points every time you stay with Alpoholics from December 2018 onwards. If you have stayed with us before winter 2018-19 then you have automatically earned 200 points for each stay prior to this winter season (This was deemed as the fairest way to ensure that our most loyal guests are placed on an appropriate level when the scheme goes live). Now you can enjoy a £50pp discount on future bookings. There is no limit to the number of holidays in a season you can enjoy this saving on either.

On arrival at your chalet an Alpoholics goodie bag will be waiting for you in your room. We’ve got a variety of treats on offer, so you will have to wait and see what’s in store! Don’t forget you can still enjoy your £50pp discount on your holiday as well.

Red – 600 points

We’re going to increase your holiday discount to a total of £75pp, and as if that wasn’t enough, that four course meal you were looking forward to just got even better! Your entire party will now be treated to a tasty tipple to kick off your evening with an aperitif included each night you have a catered meal with us. You of course still get the goodie bag too.

Black – 1000 points

You’re almost at the top so don’t quit now! As well as your goodie bag and aperitifs before each evening chalet meal you can now enjoy a tremendous £100pp total discount on your holiday. Whilst we’re at it what better way to enjoy your holiday than everyone enjoying a whopping 50% off their honesty bar bill as well?

Diamond – 2000 points

Welcome to the tip of the ARS-berg! If you managed to get this far you must be sick of us by now but maybe we can tempt you back with an OBSCENE discount of 50% on the cost of your holiday! Lucky individuals with enough points can enjoy this special treat once and only once! Then your future discount will be fixed at a total of £150pp indefinitely and you’ll still receive all lower tier benefits.

How to earn points

There are a number of ways to accrue points; whether it’s simply booking a holiday with us or letting us organise all your ski hire and lift passes. The more points you have the higher the tier you can achieve! Below you will find details of how you can start earning points from today. We’re leaving the maths in your hands so get the calculators out and aim high for that Diamond tier! If you think you’re ready to climb up a tier just let us know how you’ve calculated your points when you come to book your next trip and we will be happy to activate your rewards!

You will find more details on our ARS and a full copy of our terms and conditions below. If you have further questions or suggestions regarding this scheme please feel free to drop us an email at

Alpoholics Reward Scheme Terms and Conditions

Guests are responsible for keeping track of their own points. When booking they should quote their points and how they accrued them. These points will be checked on our system and validated. Guests are only allowed to benefit from points that they were directly involved in, e.g. 25 points will only be awarded to those that booked ski hire and not to those that didn’t.

From time to time we may run promotions involving ARS points, i.e. “Earn Double ARS points on any bookings made in November”. When taking advantage of any such offer it is THE CUSTOMER’S RESPONSIBILITY to inform us at the time of booking of any promotion they wish to take advantage of as well as any points they currently hold and wish to be credited with for said booking. WE WILL NOT AUTOMATICALLY ASSIGN POINTS, AND THEREFORE REWARDS TO ANY BOOKING so you have to tell us what you think you are owed and we will check and confirm on our system and subsequently assign your points to the booking.

The monetary discounts are valid per person on the online holiday price at the time of booking. These will be capped to a maximum use of 19 guests in Orshanti, 12 in Bassey, 13 in Mustang and 8 in Yogi. The maximum discount you are eligible for is stated in each tier.

One goodie bag will be given per qualifying guest within a Blue tier booking and above. A qualifying guest is anyone that has stayed previously with Alpoholics. Guests who are part of the booking but who have not been a guest before do not qualify for a goodie bag. The contents of these goodie bags are subject to change and may be different throughout the chalet and/or the season.

The aperitifs provided in the red tier and above will only be given every day where there is a catered evening meal provided in the chalet. These will be for all guests within the red tier booking and limited to one glass per person.

To accrue ‘Refer a Friend’ points it must be made clear at the time of booking that they have been referred and by whom to credit the points correctly. Ten points will be awarded for each new guest that stays as a result of the new booking. You will also be entitled to 10 points per new guest booked in as part of any booking that includes yourself. These points will only be awarded when the booking has been confirmed and deposit paid. If for any reason the new booking is cancelled these points will be revoked.

Any points awarded for booking early can contribute to your points total before the booking in question commences. Any points gained from actions during the holiday such as, but not limited to, ski hire, lift passes and merchandise sales will be credited after the holiday.

All points accrued during a stay will be credited to your account for use on your next stay. Should you accrue enough points to jump a tier mid way through a holiday, the benefits of this new tier will be applied to your next stay along with any early booking points gained for said subsequent stay.

ARS perks may not be used in conjunction with any other offer or discount we may be running concurrently at any time although you may of course select whichever offer you feel to be more beneficial at the time. However, when taking advantage of any non ARS related offers you will no longer be entitled to the other perks associated with your ARS tier on that particular holiday. You will still be able to earn points for future stays during any such visits.

The 50% holiday discount offer can only be used only once, and will only be valid for guests that themselves have reached the diamond tier not the entire party. Alpoholics reserves the right to delay this offer in the unlikely event that the threshold for the number of 50% discounts given that year has already been reached. This threshold is 30 guests per year.

If you have stayed with us before winter 2018-19 then you have automatically earned 200 points for each stay prior to this winter season rather than the 100 you will earn going forward. This was deemed as the fairest and simplest way to ensure that our most loyal guests are placed on a tier commensurate with tier of pre-ARS loyalty without having to trawl through archived and possibly incomplete records of ski pass/ ski hire/early bookings etc. prior to the scheme’s inception.

Alpoholics reserves the right to adjust or withdraw this loyalty system at any time. Any monetary discounts cannot be retrospectively applied to any upcoming holidays that have already been booked and price agreed. All other ARS benefits will be honoured.