The Rise Of Alpoholics Après

Stories17th October 2019

The Rise Of Alpoholics Après

We Explore How Bergerie Restaurant And Our Wednesday Après Event Have Evolved In The Last Few Years!

Where it all began; One man and his laptop

Charlie first approached Bergerie back in 2014 with talk of starting a Wednesday Après event.  This started out quite low key just with his laptop.  Today Bergerie stands doubled in size with a new snack bar building; complete with DJ balcony, outside bar and a VIP gondola booth!

In the beginning Bergerie was just one main restaurant building with a small area of outside decking.  Then a couple of years later in 2016 Bergerie built an outside bar letting us spend less time queuing and more time dancing on the tables.  In 2017 Charlie upgraded to play his DJ set nestled inside an old gondola, with a singer at his side.

The biggest renovations came in 2018 where Bergerie almost doubled in size.  Creating a two-story add on to the previous restaurant, there were now more toilets, a snack bar and a balcony.  With these improvements he relocated up to new heights on the balcony with a bigger and better sound system.  More space was created at ground level with new decking so that there could be a separation between those wanting to sit and eat a civilised meal on the restaurant side and those ready to dance until the sun goes down!

More room on the dance floor and a multipurpose balcony!

This new build created a lot more room for activities so in the past couple of years we’ve had everything from giant games of Jenga, ping pong tournaments and pop-up shops for our merchandise and demo equipment!

This year Bergerie have relocated the outside bar further out to the side creating even more room for us to bust our moves and try and not fall over in our ski boots.  We’re looking forward to seeing how these changes improve our Wednesday Après parties this coming season!

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