Bringing BrewDog To The Alps

Stories11th December 2019

Bringing BrewDog To The Alps

We Explore Our Relationship With BrewDog, From The Beers In The Beginning To Kegs & an Après Drink Partnership!

Our fridges are jam-packed with Multi-coloured Offerings!

A Partnership Was Born

Back in 2017 saw the start of a new partnership between Alpoholics and BrewDog.  We were out with the old beer and in with the new! We officially now had the Alps first BrewDog Honesty Bar!  Stocking our fridges full of the different varieties of beer BrewDog had to offer.

Providing more choice and an increased feel of luxury compared to your regular stubby the BrewDog bars were a hit! It’s hard to top grabbing a cold can out of the fridge and cracking it open in a hot tub as the sun sets behind the mountains.  Since 2017 we have introduced many different types of beer into our fridges as BrewDog keep rustling them up!  This way there is hopefully something for everyone; from the IPA lovers to the stout hounds there should be a can for you!

This Winter we’re upping our Honesty Bar game by introducing our BrewDog kegs!  Now if you stay in Chalet Orshanti you can grab a keg (or two..) for the week and enjoy the novelty of pouring your own beer in our new Sports Bar and Games Room.  Better yet, if you book a group of ten or more to stay in Chalet Orshanti we will give you one for free!

We introduced the sale of BrewDog at our Après event at La Bergerie last year.  So now you can enjoy this great beer both on and off the mountain!


BrewDog’s History

Back in 2007 in an industrial estate in North East Scotland BrewDog was born.  Started by James and Martin with the intention of making other people as passionate about craft beer as they were.  Since then they have stuck by this and it stands as a core part of their philosophy over a decade later.  Now the fastest growing food and drinks company in the UK, part of the Times Top 100 Best Employers and starting to break into international markets no one can deny their success!

Our fridges are jam-packed with Multi-coloured Offerings!

Where To Next?

With BrewDog going from strength to strength increasing their shareholder’s and starting to break through the cider and spirit market, we don’t know what the future will hold but we know we’re excited!

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