Refundable Deposits - Risk Free!

Book With Confidence! All Deposits For New Bookings Are Now Refundable until September 1st 2020!

In light of the catastrophic Coronavirus pandemic that is currently affecting every part of our daily lives as well as our travel plans we have decided to implement the following refundable deposit scheme so that would-be Alpoholics can have confidence that, should the unthinkable happen and this situation goes on for longer than expected, you will be able to cancel your booking and get a refund of your deposit, within a certain timeframe. With that in mind please see below for the finer details:


All deposits for bookings taken from 17th April 2020 onwards will be fully refundable until 1st September 2020 for any reasonable reasons relating to the COVID-19 Pandemic. These include legitimate worries (backed up with compelling evidence from government or government approved authorities) that your travel is likely to to not go ahead for your intended dates and reasons relating to family members who have contracted the virus. Any refund request must be made in writing to by 1st September 2020. For individual claimants who are part of groups that have booked a chalet exclusively and the group wishes to keep the booking we will refund the deposit(s) for those who no longer wish to come and subtract double this refunded amount from the total website chalet price*. If the group leader is then able to fill any of these spaces we will add on the doubled deposit amounts on a per person basis to the chalet total.

For Example – A group of 20 guests has 3 members who wish to cancel before 1st September 2020. The chalet cost on our website was £16,000 (£800pp in total with £4000 deposit paid). They have each paid £200 deposit. We would refund 3 x £200 to those customers and then subtract 3 x £400 from the original chalet total making a new total of £14,800 for the chalet to be spilt over the remaining 17 guests (£870pp). If 2 of these spaces are then filled we would add £800 back onto the total leaving a final total of £15,600 between 19 people (£821pp).

*If the price paid for the chalet was less than the advertised website price then we reserve the right to only subtract (and later re-add if applicable) the deposit amount (per person) from the new total unless the discount was in line with the group’s legitimately earned ARS status.