How To: Ski Green

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How To: Ski Green

We Explore The Affect The Ski Industry Has On The Environment & The Ways We Can Combat These

The travel industry has a huge impact on the environment in many different ways.  Air travel is a massive contributor to climate change due to the carbon emissions. You then need to jump on a coach, minibus or rent a car from the airport.  Then once you’re at your destination resort, the environment is affected in numerous ways.  Huge amounts of water are used by snow cannons, electricity to power hundreds of ski lifts, not to mention the gallons of diesel the piste bashers guzzle to groom those pistes we love so much.  Here’s what you can do to help ‘ski green’.

With a change already being seen in our Winters we’re very conscious of our environmental impact as a company and are doing our best to reduce our footprint.  We recycle throughout all of our chalets, buy in bulk where possible to minimise packaging and try and limit our vehicle use where we can. We are looking into other ways to further offset our carbon footprint going forward so you can book safe in the knowledge that we are doing all we can. However, its not easy and will take a lot of gradual, small changes so if anyone has any bright ideas that we may not have thought of we are all ears!

We encourage our guests to help us by taking small steps to help minimise their own carbon footprint when coming on holiday; keeping windows closed and the heating at a sensible level, turning lights off when you leave a room and helping us recycle all play their part (and of course reduce our costs so we can do even more).  Ensuring you are not littering on the mountain, be it cigarette butts or that wrapper from a well needed chocolate bar is an easy way to be part of the solution.  If you’re thirsty take your own refillable water bottle for the mountain to save on single use plastics.  We’ve even got our chefs on the game by ensuring food wastage is kept to a minimum!

Snow cannons use huge volumes of water to operate

Arguably the biggest impact you can have as a guest starts from when you are at home choosing how you are going to get to La Plagne!  While some favour air travel,  the snow train actually has a very similar door to door journey travel time and is certainly a better option for the environment. It’s estimated that the train creates over 80% less CO2 emissions compared to flying, and even a family of four driving out can cut carbon emissions by a third.  It’s worth checking out our travel article here to compare the three main ways you can travel to La Plagne.  Even if you do decide to fly, you can help by car-pooling with others to the airport or even taking local public transport if its convenient.  This often can work out cheaper too as you can all split fuel and parking costs.

Next have a look at what’s in your suitcase.  if your existing gear is still fine and fit to wear then the best thing you can do is keep wearing it!  If you need new kit or really insist on buying new gear then have a look into the companies that use recycled materials.  Patagonia’s Winter 2020 collection makes all it’s outdoor shells using recycled materials (an industry first!) and at Fair Trade-certified factories.  Gogglesoc’s lens covers are made from recycled bottles and half of Planks’s ski clothing is now made from recycled materials thanks to the world’s leading recycled yarn manufacturer, Repreve.  One of our sponsors Bro! have cut back on their single use plastic waste and now have a large portion of their goods arrive in paper bags instead.

The energy a chairlift uses in a month could power 4 homes for a year

For the bigger picture, many resorts are starting to make changes as a whole to help the environment.  Alpoholics home, the Paradiski area, has been using 100% renewable energy to power its ski lifts and other electrical needs for over a decade.  This is a combination of hydro-electric centres, as well as solar and wind power sources.  Meanwhile on the slopes; you may have heard of electric cars, but now there are also electric piste bashers being trialled to help minimise emissions!  These factors all contribute to helping minimise our effect on the environment and save the snow we love so much.

We regret we can no longer offer a discount for those taking the train as the Eurostar Snowtrain may not be operating for the 20/21 season.

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