Our Commitment To Cleaning

We take our cleanliness very seriously at Alpoholics and know that in these times it is particularly important to our guests.  All our staff will be thoroughly trained pre-season, and we will seek guidance on current cleaning and safety protocols at the time of your stay.  In the mean time you can rest assured that we will always adhere to the following:

Prepare for cleaning with appropriate protective wear and cleaning supplies.  Using appropriate disinfectants to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses, and wearing the necessary protective gear where appropriate.

Clean each surface by removing dust and dirt, following detailed cleaning checklists for cleaning each room.

Sanitise all frequently touched surfaces; including doorknobs, cupboards, switches, electronic devices etc.

Check that the chalet has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised on a frequent basis, with regular checks from management.

Finalise the preparation of the chalet for the next arriving guests, ensuring a minimum of 7 hours between guests to ensure throughout cleaning has been completed throughout the Chalet.  There will be alcohol disinfectant gel available for use throughout the chalet.

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