Our 2021-22 Covid-19 Guarantee

Reassurance That You And Your Money Will Be Protected When Booking A Holiday With Us

Winter 2021-22  – In light of the catastrophic Coronavirus pandemic that is currently affecting our lives & travel plans we want you to have complete confidence that should this situation go on for longer than expected, you and your money are safe.

Therefore, the following information may be useful:

Our New Flexible Booking Policy

A Brand New Insurance Policy Option Including Travelling against FCDO advice & COVID-19 Medical/Cancellation Coverage

Thorough Cleaning Practices For Our Staff & Chalets

Please see here for the latest rules for travel between the UK and France

Please see here for the latest rules regarding the “Pass Sanitaire” which is the French Covid pass that everyone aged 12 and over currently needs to use to access many services in France

Due to the constantly changing situation regarding COVID-19 we have decided to update the section of our Terms & Conditions relating to deposit and balance payments to give everyone extra peace of mind.  For winter 2021-22 these will supersede the existing conditions and our full terms and conditions still apply, unless otherwise specifically stated. 

Deposits for the 21/22 season are £200pp, with the final balance due 10 weeks prior to your stay.  If you wish to cancel for any reason other than those stated below we will retain £100pp to cover costs already incurred and unrecoverable committed future costs. 

For individual claimants who are part of groups that have booked a chalet exclusively and the group wishes to keep the booking we will refund the deposit paid (minus the £100pp admin fee) for those who no longer wish to come and subtract £200 from the total website chalet price.  If the group leader is then able to fill any of these spaces we will add this amount back on to the total chalet cost on a per person basis.

If you wish to cancel for one of the following permitted reasons you will receive a voucher for the full monetary amount you have already paid (so no admin fee) which will be valid on all bookings until April 2023. This applies to ALL bookings including those where the final balance has been paid. 

Acceptable reasons for cancellation are:

> Official Nationwide Travel bans from your country of origin to France or your incoming airport outside of France (proof of pre-existing flight booking may be required) which includes the dates of your stay up to the day of arrival.

> Resort / Full ski area closure which includes the dates of your stay up to the day of arrival.

>National lockdown of France preventing travel from your country of origin which includes the dates of your stay up to the day of arrival.

If Alpoholics cancel your holiday you will be entitled to either a monetary refund of the full amount paid to Alpoholics or vouchers worth 120% of that value to be used before April 2023 on a single booking (group/individual).

For winter 2022-23 this guarantee will not apply but it is now possible to obtain travel insurance that covers border closures which is, in our view, the only possible COVID-19 related risk that may affect your booking beyond winter 21-22.

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Travel Insurance With COVID-19 In Mind (Updated 4th November 2020)

NB. We are not an insurance broker so you will have to assess the suitability of any policy to your needs as a whole. The policy below is purely an example of a policy that appears to compliment our own booking/refund policy in order to give maximum protection for your stay with Alpoholics, particularly with regard to the current COVID-19 pandemic and FCDO travel advice. 

The following insurance policy has just come to the market from skicover.com: NB This policy unfortunately does not cover those over the age of 64

New product Launch that provides extra Covid Cover
We are delighted to announce that we can now provide comprehensive Covid cover for travelling to Europe on a single trip basis including countries such as France, Austria, Italy and Switzerland even when you are travelling against the advice of the FCDO.
In addition to all the benefits of a winter sports policy, we are now covering you for the following before you start your trip
Testing positive – You are now covered for cancellation costs if you, a travelling companion or someone you intend to stay with test positive for Covid within 14 days of your trip starting
Being hospitalised – You are now covered for cancellation costs if you or anyone else insured on this policy are hospitalised because of Covid in the UK within 28 days of your journey beginning
Denied boarding – Cover for cancellation costs if you are not allowed to board your flight, ferry, Eurostar or Eurotunnel as a result of a positive Covid test or raised temperature as taken at the time of departure by a qualified person
Lockdowns – The policy can be cancelled if the UK or your local area enters lockdown again within 14 days of purchasing your cover.
And once you’re abroad you are additionally covered for:
Covid abroad – Medical cover up to £10,000,000 included as standard if you catch Covid whilst abroad including medical bills, relatives costs and extra travel costs
Repatriation – Cover if it is medically necessary to bring you home if you caught Covid whilst travelling abroad in Europe on a single trip basis
Cancellation/Curtailment – Cover if your booked accommodation is required to close after you have checked in because of you, a guest or employee being diagnosed with Covid
Types of cover available
3 Levels of cover available on a single return trip basis for trips in Europe for durations up to 12 months.
Suitable for individuals, couples, families and groups of travellers up to and including 64 years of age.

Our Commitment To Cleaning

We take our cleanliness very seriously at Alpoholics and know that in these times it is particularly important to our guests.  All our staff will be thoroughly trained pre-season, and we will seek guidance on current cleaning and safety protocols at the time of your stay.  In the mean time you can rest assured that we will always adhere to the following:

Prepare for cleaning with appropriate protective wear and cleaning supplies.  Using appropriate disinfectants to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses and wearing the necessary protective gear where appropriate.

Clean each surface by removing dust and dirt, following detailed cleaning checklists for cleaning each room.

Sanitise all frequently touched surfaces; including doorknobs, cupboards, switches, electronic devices etc.  Staff and guests will sanitise their hands on arrival, and there will be alcohol gel present throughout the chalets.

Check that the chalet has been thoroughly cleaned and sanitised on a frequent basis, with regular checks from management.

Finalise the preparation of the chalet for the next arriving guests, ensuring a minimum of 7 hours between guests to ensure throughout cleaning has been completed throughout the Chalet.


1.     What happens if I need to isolate prior to my holiday or cannot come due to myself or a travelling partner/loved one contracting COVID-19?   Alpoholics will not be liable to issue any refund in this instance but there are various travel insurance policies that can cover you for this.

2.     What happens if I’ve decided I don’t want to travel after I’ve paid my full balance but there is no travel ban or anything else in place that specifically prevents me from travelling on my intended date?  You can try and find someone else to take your place to mitigate your costs.  If it is health related, then, again, there are insurance policies that will cover this.  Alpoholics will not be liable for any refund in this instance as the provision of the service will still be possible. 

3.     What happens if something happens mid-stay, such as resort closure due to COVID-19 or a travel ban comes into force? We will offer you a monetary voucher for the number of unused nights calculated on a pro-rata basis if the resort closes (ski area etc.) . If we have to cancel your stay and instruct you to leave then we will refund you the entirety of any monies paid directly to Alpoholics for any unused nights on a pro rata basis. This includes ski hire and lift passes purchased through Alpoholics. 

4.     What happens if I paid £200 deposit and want to cancel for my own reasons?  We will refund you £100 and retain £100 to offset our cost. If you are part of a group you’ll have to find replacements or have the rest of the group cover the difference (minus the £100 which we’ll return to you) or accept the per person price as opposed to any discounted group price. We will then attempt to sell the newly available remaining beds in the chalet on the open market.  

5.     What if I’m part of a group, and don’t want to come?  If you cannot find a replacement, then the group has the option to absorb the extra cost (minus the £100 which we’ll return to you) or revert to booking the chalet per room at the per person price stated above and on our website 

6.     What if the future situation is unclear when I come to pay my final balance?  As a group you can decide to forfeit your deposit, alternatively you can go ahead and pay your balance. You will receive a monetary voucher should you then need to cancel for any of the aforementioned permitted reasons.  If Alpoholics needs to cancel you will be entitled to either a full monetary refund or vouchers worth 120% of the accommodation value to be used before April 2023.

7.     I’ve already booked and paid a £200 deposit, what does this mean for me?  Nothing different!  Your final balance will be due 10 weeks prior to your holiday and if you decide to cancel outside of the permitted reasons you will forfeit only £100 instead of £200.

8.     Why are you retaining £100 if I cancel?  This will be used to offset costs already incurred from the moment you book your holiday such as processing fees, staff wages, advertising, admin fees and further costs associated with re-filling the beds or chalet.

9. If there is a travel ban or a lockdown that covers the dates of my stay then surely Alpoholics should be the ones to cancel and refund me?   We will only cancel your holiday if it becomes clear that we are no longer able to provide the service you have paid for. If there is a travel ban from the UK this does not make this the case and if there is a French lockdown and/or a closure of the ski area this does not mean that all accommodation will be ordered to close as was exactly the case in March and April. It is therefore a gesture of goodwill on our part to offer you vouchers for a future stay as the last thing we want is for you to be out of pocket. At the same time we will have already incurred considerable costs by this point so offering vouchers is the only option from a business perspective.  

If you have further questions please contact us at info@alpoholics.co.uk.

In light of the ever changing circumstances, these policies are being regularly reviewed.