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Our Partners

We work closely with our partners, a handful of specially selected brands to showcase cutting edge equipment, clothing and accessories and of course, beer!  We don’t just work with anyone, we only pick brands that we truly believe in and are confident will provide a great product.

The Lobster Pro Team

April 2019


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Bataleon is one of the fastest growing snowboard brands in the world. Known for their high quality and Triple Base Technology they have been at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution over the last decade.


Armarda saw in the early 2000’s how people’s skiing was changing.

A move from alpine racing into freestyle meant it was time to design skis to fit.

Five skiers and two photographers came together to adapt the model of a snowboard brand into a ski brand.



Switchback Bindings are the most cutting edge snowboard bindings (designed by the same genius who built this website actually 😉 ) that money can buy. They can be adjusted and customised like no other bindings on the market and are light, strong and look amazing! Alpoholics are the original demo centre and even provide feedback for the ongoing innovation of these beauties.


BrewDog began as 2 men and a dog with the aim of revolutionising the beer industry and completely redefining beer-drinking culture.

They want to make other people as passionate about craft beer as they are.

We certainly agree and that’s why they’ve been stocking a varied selection in our Honesty Bar fridges since 2017 at prices lower than you will find in the supermarkets.


Founded on the core principals of having fun and riding with your buddies – bro! clothing offers a unique selection of soft goods for all your action sports needs.

At a time when action sports are progressing at such a huge rate, we’ve noticed people putting a lot of pressure on themselves to stomp that newest trick, get sponsored, and turn pro.

bro! is about stepping back from all of that, riding with your buddies and having fun!

bro! clothing is the brainchild of shred-loving and actual real-life brothers, Nick and JJ Coates.

The bro! seed was sown late in 2011, over some after-shred beers at our local dome right here in the UK. A few years down the line, and much to our own surprise, we’re cranking out more rad products than ever before!