Protect Our Winters: 5 Actionable Steps for Eco-Friendly Skiers and Snowboarders

News1st July 2024

Protect Our Winters: 5 Actionable Steps for Eco-Friendly Skiers and Snowboarders

We look into the actionable steps you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and support environmental initiatives in order to look after the mountains we know and love for years to come.

Choose Sustainable Travel/Accommodation and Offset your Carbon Emissions

Traveling to ski resorts often involves long distances, contributing to carbon emissions. Opt for more sustainable travel methods whenever possible such as carpooling and where possible using public transport.  The train is a great option compared to flying, with much lower carbon emissions.  Also as an added bonus when you take the train to us, we reward you with a free crate of BrewDog to enjoy in the chalet!

It isn’t always advertised but if you can eat at places that use locally sourced goods this helps to minimise the miles food has travelled to reach its destination.  We try to use local suppliers where possible.  Our wine comes from just down the valley in Aime!  You can compensate for your carbon emissions by investing in carbon offset programs.  These are sometimes offered as an extra tick box when you fly, or you can ensure that your own energy at home is coming from renewable sources.

Buy Sustainable Gear

Invest in sustainable gear to minimize your environmental impact.  There are a number of eco-friendly brands that use recycled materials and sustainable manufacturing processes such as Picture.  Equally have a look around for second hand items to avoid these being chucked out to landfill!  Quite often this is cheaper for the pocket too!  This can apply to your whole wardrobe, not just to ski gear.  Some companies will offer repairs to their kit under warranty, or if you are keen you can tackle the minor repairs yourself and extend the life of your gear.

Minimize Waste on the Slopes

Reduce waste and keep the environment clean for everyone to enjoy.  This makes it a nicer environment for everyone to enjoy.  Take out a bottle of water on the slopes for you to refill, and remember to take all the rubbish with you from that cheeky chairlift chocolate or that picnic you enjoyed.  If you are a smoker, there are ash tray tins you can get for your butts.  A huge amount of litter gets left on the ski slopes each year.  There is an annual clean up day in La Plagne where locals get together to collect up all the rubbish they can find.  Last year 350 volunteers collected over a tonne of rubbish!  Not all waste is visible either – use eco-friendly wax on your skis and eco-friendly ingredients in your suncream to avoid these ending up in the snow/water supply as contaminants.

Respect Wildlife and Natural Habitats

Be mindful of the impact your activities have on local wildlife and ecosystems.  Certain areas of the slopes are closed off for animals or simply to ensure the longevity of the environment.  Particularly if you enjoy ski resorts in the summer months, areas of land will be restricted to protect their breeding grounds.

 Reduce, Reuse & Recycle

These are practises you can do at home and continue while on your holidays.  Help us to reduce energy use by turning lights off when you leave the chalet and not leaving doors/windows open.  We aim to use tupperware, silicon storage bags, lids and plant based eco clingfilm for our food prep instead of endless unrecyclable clingfilm that ends up in landfill.  We’re big fans of recycling so please help us by seperating your rubbish into glass, recycling and general waste within the chalets.  It is worth having a look around your home and seeing where you can swap in energy-efficient bulbs and appliances.  Or simply changing a few habits such as turning lights off, reducing heating and unplugging devices when you aren’t using them all plays a bit to lower energy usage (and your bills!)


By taking these steps, skiers and snowboarders can significantly impact the protection of our winters. Every effort counts, and together, we can ensure that future generations enjoy the slopes sustainably.  You can also raise awareness to others via friends and social channels.  Or why not support organisations like we have done with Protect Our Winters (POW) who are campaigning to combat climate change.



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