How To: Store for Summer

Stories8th May 2024

How To: Store for Summer

With another Winter season come to a close, it’s the perfect chance to give your equipment some needed TLC!

Now the highs and thrills of your Winter holiday are over, it can be tempting to just chuck everything in a cupboard and forget about it till the colder months roll round again.. but come packing for your next holiday you’ll be quick to regret that decision!

In order to get the longest lifespan out of your gear and keep it in tip top shape you can follow some simple steps on how to clean, repair and store your equipment over the summer months.  If you don’t have the necessary tools to do your own servicing or aren’t comfortable doing so you’re best to head to your closest ski shop when you can and let them do the hard work for you!

at least you've only got one set to service unlike our toys manager..

Step 1. Clean & Dry –  Why? Prevent rust building up.

Ideally we should all be in the habit of wiping down the excess snow and ice on our gear after a ride on the slopes to minimise the chances of any rust forming on the edges (although some are guilty of forgetting this most days..)  You’ll want to start by hosing down your equipment to get rid of any dirt that has found its way there.  Garden hose? Shower? Anything goes.

Step 2. Edge & wax – Why? Remove burrs and protect the base.

Start with having a good inspect of your edges for any damage or burrs and sharpen them across their whole length.  For the base you can inspect if you have any scratches or worse still… gauges from that rock you didn’t see.  These can be repaired using a bit of P-Tex (again if you aren’t comfortable doing this best leave it to the experts, or learn a new skill following this video).  Next cover the whole base including out to the edges in a medium layer of wax.  This will not only protect the base, but also the edges from oxidation leading to rust.

We've been busy servicing your rental equipment

Step 3. Storage – Why? Keep them dry.

Now you’ve done all the hard work of servicing your equipment you don’t want to ruin it all by leaving them in a cold damp garage all Summer.  They are better stored under a bed or in the back of a wardrobe where it is temperate and dry.  This will yet again prevent them rusting and any damp getting into the wood core.  For snowboards you’ll want to store them with the bindings off so you don’t risk altering the camber of your board.  With skis they are best stored on their side, with something between them like a thick elastic band so they don’t rub together.

Step 4. The Extra’s? Why? Because it only takes 2 minutes.

If you want to go the extra mile you can lower your DIN settings on your skis down to the low end of the scale to release the tension on the springs.  Just make sure you remember to turn them back up before that first holiday!

Step 5. We wait. Why ? Because sadly most of us have to.

Before your first holiday you’ll need to go find where you buried your skis, scrape that wax off give them a brush and then you’ll be ready to hit the slopes !

Now remember it’s not just about looking after your ski’s or board got your own boots?  Make sure they are completely dry inside and out, pulling out the liners will aid this.  Inspect if the laces need replacing, or are the bottoms wearing at all.  Look good?  Then fasten them up so that they keep their shape and store them somewhere dry.

Now isn’t a bad time to check any other equipment you own either; goggles scratched?  Coat with holes in?  Better to replace it now than get out to the mountains and realise when it’s too late..

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