Test Centre

"Top Quality Bataleon, Switchback & Armada Equipment" Matt - March 2019

Test The Latest Ski & Snowboard Gear In-House!

Thanks to our fantastic sponsors we are able to offer you the latest Bataleon Snowboards, Switchback Bindings and Armada Skis to rent for the week from our test centre or just try out for a day during your stay. We also work with a host of other Brands in our test centre to showcase cutting edge equipment, clothing and accessories.

Bataleon is one of the fastest growing snowboard brands in the world. Known for their high quality and Triple Base Technology they have been at the forefront of a snowboarding revolution over the last decade.

Armada saw in the early 2000’s how peoples skiing was changing. A move from alpine racing into freestyle meant it was time to design skis to fit. Five skiers and two photographers came together to adapt the model of a snowboard brand into a ski brand. Our guests can rent some of these top quality skis for the week and they will be fitted and tweaked by our highly trained Toys Manager so that you have the optimal setup.