At Alpoholics we know that it’s our staff (the Alpoholics) that make us stand out from the rest. We also understand the power of a happy workforce and that’s why, unlike most chalet companies in our price range, we make sure we do everything we possibly can to look after them. This includes proper remuneration and adherence to French laws.  Not to mention we pay all of our taxes in France and the UK! Now that the UK is no longer part of the European Union it has made everything a lot more complicated and, sadly, more expensive but thankfully it has now been confirmed that we can still employ British staff, albeit with considerable extra paperwork, Work Permits and VISAs.

Come stay with us and see for yourselves the superstars we’ve managed to employ as a result.  If you’re a returning guest you will probably see some familiar faces too as we have a high return rate of staff!  In light of the recent pandemic all of our staff will be fully trained in all relevant sanitisation processes in place and adhere to the current safety guidelines.


Charlie Bulbrook

Managing Director

Charlie is The Alpoholic, founder of Alpoholics Chalets which is about to embark on its 15th winter season. Charlie has an upper second class (work hard play hard) Honours degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and is a former British Universities Freestyle Snowboard Champion. He is also the founder and DJ of La Plagne’s premier mountain top Après-ski event so be sure to catch him in action at La Bergèrie during your stay!

Age: 37

Winter Season: 15th

Extra Skills: DJ & mad keen golfer during the summer

Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboarder obviously..

Favourite BrewDog? : Jagged Edge – Spiky and glorious!

Powder or Park? : Both but these days I’d better stick to the powder!


Jenny Tuppen

Operations Manager

Jenny is Alpoholics’ first permanent employee!  After running Chalet Yogi single handedly to critical acclaim for it’s first two winters she stepped up into a well earned management role where she has continued to be ultra efficient with her admin duties whist still having plenty of time to devote to her guests and having fun!  Jenny has a First Class degree in Zoology and has previously worked at Woburn Safari Park, Birdworld and Africa Alive delivering public talks, safari tours and coordinating animal displays before becoming a full time Alpoholic!

Age : 32

Winter Season: 8th

Ski or Snowboard? : Skier at heart but every year I board a little more..

Favourite BrewDog? : Hazy Guava

Powder or Park?  Powder or those fresh groomed first tracks

Fun Fact – Undefeated at the Flugel challenge!


Jess Castle

Resort Manager

Jess is our super smiley and personable manager, she has spent her winters in La Plagne since 2014, working in chalets of different shapes and sizes and has spent summers on yachts in the Mediterranean in between. Jess has excellent local knowledge of the resort after many seasons here and nothing is ever too much trouble. “I truly relish having the opportunity to help make people’s holidays as enjoyable as possible and have had the chance to take this up a level since joining Alpoholics 5 years ago. (Being able to snowboard in your time off might also have a little bit to do with the love of the job!)”

Passions / interests – Snowboarding, dog walks & camper vans

Favourite BrewDog? Hazy Jane

Fun Fact about yourself – I converted a Renault Kangoo into a mini campervan over lockdown!


Kate Akers

Chef  – Mustang Chalet 2.0

La Plagne is like a second home to Kate; she is a very accomplished snowboarder & out on the slopes you’re likely to find her trying some new tricks or playing around in the fresh pow. 

Kate loves beanies, drinking beers in the sun and any sport with a board beneath her feet. Kate cooked in Chalet Kishu in winter 2019-20 to critical acclaim and is back to take on the spectacular Mustang Chalet 2.0 for 21-22!

Age: 27

Seasons: 7th

Ski or Snowboard? : Loyal to the Snowboarder!  Never actually tried skiing..

Favourite BrewDog? : Lost Lager or Clockwork Tangerine

Powder or Park? : Can I pick both?! Park might just win..


Ben Thomas

Toys Manager

Ben will be returning for his 3rd winter with Alpoholics and will once again be taking charge of all of your ski and snowboard rental needs and ensuring that you get the best kit in the best condition. Ben hails from bonny wee Scotland and plied his trade at Nevis range for many years before joining the Alpoholics Clan in 18-19.

Age: 30

Seasons: 5th

Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboarding of course!

Favourite BrewDog? : Punk!

Powder or Park? : Powder all day long (literally)


Sian Carlin

Chalet Host – Mustang Chalet 2.0

Sian will be returning for her 2nd winter with Alpoholics after an impressive first winter with us running Chalet Bassey in 2019-20. Sian is a highly experienced, reliable host with a wonderful attitude and she will be stepping up this winter to take charge of Mustang 2.0, our newest and most high end chalet.

Age: 29

Seasons: This will be my 2nd in France

Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboard

Favourite BrewDog? : Lone Wolf G&T in a can

What are you most looking forward to about winter? “After missing last year because of COVID I can’t wait to get back on my board! I also can’t wait to host in our brand new Mustang Chalet 2.0 with badass chef, Kate – it’s going to be awesome!”


Rob Head

Chef – Chalet Antoine

Legendary Alpoholics chef Rob returns with Dannielle for their 4th season with us having dazzled our guests in Chalet Bassey, Mustang Chalet and now our brand new Chalet Antione for the upcoming 2021-22 winter! Rob is a Rosette level chef with over 20 years cheffing experience and 11 winter seasons under his belt. Outside the winter months Rob & Dannielle run an exclusive lodge in Scotland so they have basically completely forgotten what summer feels like.

“Excellent delicious gourmet quality food. Danielle and Rob were amazing. Wonderful variety and attention to detail.” Tripadvisor review, Feb 2020

Age: Irrelevant 😉

Seasons: 12th

Ski or Snowboard? : Standing sideways is the way forward!

Favourite BrewDog? : All of ’em!

Powder or Park? : Pow!


Dannielle Worsley

Chalet Host – Chalet Antoine

Dannielle returns for her 4th season with Alpoholics to run Chalet Antione alongside her partner, Rob. Dannielle is the perfect chalet host; likeable, highly efficient and knows exactly when to get involved and when to leave her guests to it.

“Danielle did and amazing job of helping everyone settle in and answering any initial questions we had. She bakes some awesome cakes and provided us with some great knowledge of the area and the slopes as some of us were first time skiers” Tripadvisor review – Jan 2020

Age: Twenty-Something

Seasons: 7th

Ski or Snowboard? : Board

Favourite BrewDog? : Lone Wolf Gin & Tonic in a can!

Powder or Park? : Pow!


Christian Tsainter

Chef – Chalet Orshanti

Christian is a Professional Chef with experience cooking in many environments from small intimate dining experiences to busy high-end restaurants. Learning through travel, determination and open mindedness has created a well-rounded and adaptable chef. As well as 6 winter seasons and 5 summer under his belt, Christian’s experience in a variety of cuisines from Basque to Japanese gives a unique palate and attitude to food which has been tempered in restaurants all around the world. He’s passionate about travel and international cuisine and always looking for the next challenge

Age – 30

Nickname – Santa

Passions / interests – surfing, skiing, foraging, environmentalism

How many Seasons? – 6 winters 5 summers

Ski or Snowboard? – Ski but you might catch me on a board when the slush comes around

Favourite Brewdog – classic Punk

What you’re most looking forward to about this winter – getting the skins on and getting a hike in

Claim to fame – have broken 3 out of 4 limbs at least once!


Shivani Gohil

Chalet Host – Chalet Orshanti

“As a recent graduate from the University of Birmingham, I am keen to travel, widen my horizons and pursue opportunities that capitalise on my passions for being a hostess, cooking, baking and of course, skiing. I learn quickly, am energetic and easy to get along with, keen to embrace every opportunity and always up to a challenge!”

Age – 21

Passions / interests – Baking, music festivals, Netflix and hanging out with my puppy

How many seasons? – This will be my first! 

Ski or Snowboard? – Skiing

What you’re most looking forward to about this winter- Meeting new people!

Fun Fact about yourself- I was once voted most likely to still be asked for ID when I’m 40!


Ali Taylor

Chef – Chalet Declan

Age – Don’t ask 😀
Nickname – Ali Bongo
Passions / interests – getting away in my T5 campervan to go paddleboarding, longboarding or surfing- very, very badly.., making ice cream, eating ice cream, boring the Internet with photos of my Chihuahua
How many Seasons? – 2
Ski or Snowboard? – Snowboard
Favourite Brewdog- Dead Pony Club
What you’re most looking forward to about this winter – I love making great food for people, I love the mountains, I love snowboarding and I love meeting new people – this season will bring it all!
Claim to fame – I won a competition at summer camp that required the very athletic prowess of seeing how many marshmallows you can get in your mouth at once (I did 15). I won more marshmallows.. Goals!


Finn Alexander-Birch

Chef – Chalet Bassey

I am a motivated outgoing person with a proactive attitude to any task however difficult it may initially appear. I have always been a team player, from working in a kitchen since I was 14 years old to playing on a sports field. When it comes to working in the kitchen, I have the ability to cope and work well in high pressure situations so look forward to bringing this to the chalet kitchen!

Age – 21

Passions / interests – Cooking, go karting, football, dune buggying

How many Seasons? – My first!

Ski or Snowboard? – Ski

Favourite Brewdog – Classic Punk IPA

What you’re most looking forward to about this winter – Skiing on fresh powder

Interesting Fact – Part of my hamstring is in my forearm!


Charlotte Bond

Chalet Host – Chalet Bassey

Charlotte has worked in the Tourism and Hospitality sector for over five years, across a  wide variety of roles (e.g., waitress, receptionist, and barista). Previous experience in this sector has taught her how to be adaptable and flexible across departments, different responsibilities and working hours. Charlotte has a first class honours degree in Economics from Durham University and captained the netball team there for the 19-20 season.

Age – 21

Passions / Interests – Paddleboarding, Swimming, and anything else to do with the beach

How many Seasons? – This is my first!! 

Ski or Snowboard? – Ski, but hopefully this will be the year I try out some boarding

Favourite Brewdog – Hazy Jane 

What you’re most looking forward to about this winter – Getting back onto the slopes after a long 18 months off

Interesting – Former beach lifeguard (probably not the most useful in La Plagne?!) 


Robbie Foston

Chalet Host – Mustang Chalet 2.0

Age: 26

Passions / interests: Anything that makes my mum worry – Skiing, Surfing, Diving, Windsurfing, Mountain Biking and most recently, kitesurfing

How many Seasons? – This is my 2nd winter season and 5th overall

Ski or Snowboard? – Skiing, so I don’t have to walk when it’s flat

Favourite Brewdog  – Punk!

What you’re most looking forward to about this winter – First lifts, powder, and not sitting on the northern line every morning

Fun fact :I was recently an extra in a Danny Boyle TV series about the rise of the Sex Pistols!


Kirsty Bassett

Chalet Host –  Chalet Orshanti 2.0

Age: 27

Passions / interests: Anything adventurous that doesn’t get me sent to jail! I love diving, snowboarding, travelling and currently learning to kitesurf.

How many Seasons? 5th.

Ski or Snowboard? Snowboarding baby!

What you’re most looking forward to about this winter: Being surrounded by like minded people and waking up to the sight of a fresh powder day!

 Fun Fact –  People always assume that because I’m South African, I automatically own a Lion or Elephant or some kind of wild animal that just roams around like a pet.


Louise Chouan

Chef – Chalet Yogi 

Hobbies and interests: I’m passionate about art and creativity! Anything vaguely artistic I’m into it.
I’m a skier of 3 seasons of terrible snow  – but I wish I was cool enough to be a border secretly.

Preferably pow and fresh tracks

I love paddlebording (it was painful to sell my paddleboard)
and being around the ocean in general as well as day hiking in Nz

Have worked in morzine, the Dolomites, Iceland, New Zealand, Hawaii, sweden, it’s been an adventure so far and i don’t think I’ll ever want to stop travelling

Favourite drink – usually find me drinking dark rum and gingerbeer with a twist of lime. Or a gin and tonic

I’m confusing because my travels have given me a strange mix of accents, am I kiwi, am I british, why do I have a Nordic twang?

I’m into- conservation, learning, being eco friendly, passionate about looking after the planet