At Alpoholics we know that it’s our staff (the Alpoholics) that make us stand out from the rest. We also understand the power of a happy workforce and that’s why, unlike most chalet companies in our price range, we make sure we do everything we possibly can to look after them. This includes proper remuneration, high quality staff accommodation, a full pension scheme, insurance and a whole host of other benefits facilitated by our wonderful sponsors.  Not to mention we pay all of our taxes in France and the UK!

Come stay with us and see for yourselves the superstars we’ve managed to employ as a result.  If you’re a returning guest you will probably see some familiar faces too as we have a high return rate of staff!  In light of the recent pandemic all of our staff will be fully trained in all relevant sanitisation processes in place and adhere to the current safety guidelines.


Charlie Bulbrook

Managing Director

Charlie is The Alpoholic, founder of Alpoholics Chalets which is about to embark on its 10th winter season. Charlie has an upper second class (work hard play hard) Honours degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management and is a former British Universities Freestyle Snowboard Champion. He is also the founder of La Plagne’s premier mountain top Après-ski event so be sure to catch him in action at La Bergèrie during your stay!

Age: 36
Winter Season: 15th
Extra Skills: DJ & mad keen golfer during the summer
Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboarder obviously..
Favourite BrewDog? : Punk IPA – put them on the map for a reason!
Powder or Park? : Powder!


Jenny Tuppen

Operations Manager

Jenny is Alpoholics’ first permanent employee!  After running Chalet Yogi single handedly to critical acclaim for it’s first two winters she stepped up into a well earned management role where she has continued to be ultra efficient with her admin duties whist still having plenty of time to devote to her guests and having fun!  Jenny has a First Class degree in Zoology and has previously worked at Woburn Safari Park, Birdworld and Africa Alive delivering public talks, safari tours and coordinating animal displays.

Age : 30
Winter Season: 6th
Ski or Snowboard? : Skier at heart but every year I board a little more..
Favourite BrewDog? :The original Hazy Jane
Powder or Park? : Powder or that first freshly groomed track


Jess Castle

Resort Manager

Jess is our energiser bunny manager and, having completed her 4th winter in this role for Alpoholics, now has 6 seasons in La Plagne under her belt working in chalets of different shapes & sizes. Jess is super smiley and personable and nothing is ever too much trouble. She has excellent local knowledge of the resort after many seasons here. “I wanted to do a winter season at a young age through my love for the snow, a job where you board in your time off – perfect! I truly relish having the opportunity to help make people’s holidays as enjoyable as possible and have had the chance to take this up a level since joining Alpoholics.”

Age: 30
Winter Season: 6th
Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboarder convert
Favourite BrewDog? : Clockwork Tangerine
Powder or Park? : Pow Pow


Ben Thomas

Toys Manager

Ben had been managing the Snowsports Equipment Department of Nevis Range Ski Resort in sunny Scotland for a quite a few years before joining Alpoholics last season, he is more than qualified to take charge of our burgeoning demo and rental fleet. Ben is a gentle giant and a dream to deal with and we’re sure you’ll like him as much as we do!

Age : 28
Seasons : 2nd in France
Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboarder with the odd days on skis
Favourite BrewDog? : OG Hazy Jane or Clockwork Tangerine
Powder or Park? : Powder with a generous helping of side hits!


Jenni Deakin & Chloe Meadows

Chalet Orshanti Hosts

This Winter marks Jenni’s 4th consecutive Winter with Alpoholics!  Meanwhile Chloe joined us last year to be our superstar host in Orshanti last year.  These two are always smiling and interacting with guests making sure they have everything they need. 

Age: 28 & 30
Seasons: 6th & 5th
Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboard, Chloe’s never even worn a ski boot.
Favourite BrewDog? : Both a fan of the new BrewDog Rum release!
Powder or Park? : Powder for days


Jack Smyth

Chalet Orshanti Chef

Taking on Chalet Orshanti last year Jack returns for his 7th Winter season!  Jack has a passion for the slopes and is a real food lover inside and outside the kitchen.  With over 10 years culinary experience from Greece, Spain & the French Alps his passion for cooking never runs dry..  It even prompted a proposal last year it was so delicious!

Age: 27
Seasons: 7th
Ski or Snowboard? : Skier for sure
Favourite BrewDog? : Punk IPA
Powder or Park? : Powder, with a few flips..


Kate Akers & Poppy Cook

Chalet Bassey Chef & Host

La Plagne is like a second home to these two; they are very keen boarders & out on the slopes you’re likely to find them trying some new tricks or playing around in the fresh pow. 

Kate loves beanies, drinking beers in the sun and any sport with a board beneath her feet. While Poppy spends her down time singing and tinkling away on her guitar. She loves dungarees, bluebird days & home cooking!  These two had nothing but great feedback from our new Chalet Kishu last year!

Age: 24 & 26
Seasons: 6th
Ski or Snowboard? : Loyal to the Snowboarder!  Never actually tried skiing..
Favourite BrewDog? : Lost Lager or Clockwork Tangerine
Powder or Park? : Can we pick both?! Park might just win..


Clare Galvin

Chalet Yogi Chef/Host

After being swept of her feet this Summer with the high takeaway demands just round the corner from Alpoholics HQ, Clare is ready to bring that energy and pace to La Plagne!  A newbie to the Winter scene she’s ready to bring her culinary expertise to La Plagne & learn a new skill!

Age : 27
Winter seasons : 1st
Ski or Snowboard? : Maybe start at snowboarding..
Favourite BrewDog? : Punk IPA
Powder or Park? : We’ll see!


Sian Carlin

Mustang Chalet Host

Having worked many seasons in the Marketing Department of Nevis Range Ski Resort in Scotland, Sian took the plunge last Winter and finally did one in the Alps with us! She runs a very successful Airbnb property during the Summer and also previously hosted guests at a safari camp in Kenya. Sian loves interacting with new guests and we heard nothing but great reviews about her working in Chalet Bassey last year.

Age : 28
Seasons : 2nd
Ski or Snowboard? : Use to ski until I saw the light and converted
Favourite BrewDog? : No beer for me…but their Lone Wolf Gin is good
Powder or Park? : Neither,  freshly groomed piste please!


Oliver Smith

Mustang Chalet Chef

Oli’s culinary career began in the Alps working in hotels and private chalets. since then he has travelled across the mountains & UK spreading his passion for food!  He’s an avid snowboarder to the core; park, pow, edges and elbows!

Age : 37
Winter seasons : 7th
Ski or Snowboard? : Snowboarder
Favourite BrewDog? : Ultimate Stout
Powder or Park? : Pow, park, piste.. I love it all!