Shredders Showdown; Skiing or Snowboarding?

Stories3rd July 2023

Shredders Showdown; Skiing or Snowboarding?

An Argument Never Settled Among Many, We Explore The Pros And Cons Of Each

When it comes to the age-old question of skiing or snowboarding, opinions vary widely. Some individuals effortlessly transition between the two, while most of us tend to have a clear preference. The debate has raged on for years, and it seems unlikely that a unanimous answer will ever be reached that we can all agree on.. Let’s explore a few of the pros and cons for each side.


Let’s Start With The Gear

When it comes to equipment, snowboarders enjoy a clear advantage. Their boots are lighter and more comfortable, allowing them to showcase their best dance moves at après-ski. Additionally, they only need to carry one item as they rush to the chairlifts in the morning. On the other hand, skiers, despite potentially finding comfortable boots, are burdened with lugging around two skis, two poles, and heavier boots.

You can dance, walk and trot around with ease in snowboard boots!


As a beginner, skiing may seem more of a natural start.  You have two feet, now you have two feet that are strapped to skis.  This compared to snowboarding where you suddenly have both feet strapped to one board with no escape.  A pair of impact shorts and some waterproof salopettes are imperative for learning to snowboard.  Prepare to fall. A lot.

While conquering the slopes is an adventure in itself, mastering chairlifts and pommels presents an art form of its own. In this aspect, skiing tends to be more straightforward. With one foot unstrapped from the snowboard, maintaining control while learning can be a bit more challenging. However, with practice and perseverance, it becomes second nature.



Once you’ve grasped the fundamental techniques, you’ll find yourself progressing rapidly.  With snowboarding, once you’ve gained sufficient control and can execute turns smoothly, your focus shifts towards enhancing your speed, refining your technique and delving into the world of tricks that pique your interest.

On the other hand, skiers may find that their progression follows a different trajectory. While they initially make noticeable strides, there may come a point where progress plateaus. Mastering new terrains like off-piste skiing can feel like starting from scratch, requiring a fresh approach and new skills to navigate the challenging and exciting terrain.

Soon you'll be hitting all the jumps and rails

The Effort Factor

Skiers possess a distinct advantage in terms of mobility, as they can move their feet independently. This enables them to side-step uphill or skate along when needed. Additionally, skiers benefit from the use of poles, which come in handy when encountering flat sections on the slopes. Snowboarders, on the other hand, often find themselves facing the challenge of either unstrapping and walking or employing creative maneuvers to propel themselves forward. It’s advantageous for snowboarders to team up with skiing friends who can lend a helping hand with a pole when in need!

Snowboarding can be physically demanding, requiring the rider to factor in the effort of getting up after strapping in or falling over.  To make life on the slopes easier some pre-holiday training is recommended to increase your cardiovascular fitness and core strength.



At the end of the day, the choice between skiing and snowboarding doesn’t truly matter. Some individuals may find themselves naturally more suited to one over the other, while others may be influenced by their friends and family. Ultimately, it comes down to many personal preferences regarding ease, speed, and style!

What truly matters is that both sports offer incredible enjoyment to be had.. and the beauty of it all is that you can always try both!  No matter which side you’re on, let’s celebrate the shared love for winter sports and the camaraderie that unites us all on the snowy slopes.

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