We invite you to read our article; Car, Plane or Train? for our advice on the best way to reach us.  We also have a number of links to transfer companies on our Useful Links section and we recommend booking a transfer as soon as you have booked your flights before they book up.

Please be aware your chalet will not be ready until 4:30pm on your arrival day, and we ask you to leave before 9.30am on your departure day so that our chalet staff have adequate time to make the chalet spectacular for you!  For this reason we recommend booking your flights around 2pm.

If you are a small group we recommend flying into Geneva as this is where the shared coach service ‘Ben’s Bus’ runs from.  If you are in a group then you can charter a private minibus for 8,12 or 16 depending on your size.  Higher than these numbers we recommend a coach for the best prices.  We recommend if flights allow flying directly into a French airport, eg Chambery.