Cars, Planes And Trains: How To Get To Us

Stories19th September 2023

Cars, Planes And Trains: How To Get To Us

We Explore The Different Ways You Can Travel To Us This Winter & Minimise Your Carbon Footprint

There are a number of travel options on how to reach us in La Plagne.  While many of us still favour flying to our destination it’s worth knowing that there are other options out there.  Step aside airport queues and baggage limits, the train is here!  Imagine whizzing towards the mountains enjoying picture perfect scenery..

The train is also by far the best choice for the environment as studies have shown that domestic flights emit around 133gr of CO2 per kilometre/person, while in a car with four passengers that figure drops to 43gr.  The train is by far is the cleanest of them all with only 6gr of CO2!



From Folkstone via the Eurotunnel the drive takes on average twelve hours to complete.  You have the advantage of being able to pack as many people and belongings into the car as you can for cost effectiveness and stop as many times as you like along the way.  Depending on your route you may pass through a number of toll roads, however, we’ve found for groups and families this method can still be more cost effective than flying.  Plus your toll money goes to good use; the roads are very well maintained so it’s a smooth drive!  Depending on your time frame there are a plethora of picturesque places to stop en-route which can break up the journey if you’re not in a rush.

It is noteworthy to remember it is now compulsary to have winter tyres for driving up the mountain, and also worth having snow chains should we be blessed with heavy snowfall! Make sure you put them on before you need them, especially climbing up the bends.  There is parking outside the Antoine complex and Mustang chalet.  Please get in touch to reserve a car parking space.

If you have an electric car you cruise down the mountain bends and charge up at the supermarket E’leclerc down in Aime before starting your journey.


Air Travel

With the flight time from London to Geneva around 100 minutes many see flying as the quickest option.  However, when you look at the total door to door journey time the train can be very similar.  By the time you have travelled to the airport, arrived early to check your bags, flown across the length of France, then completed your transfer from the airport to our chalets you are racking up some hours!  The  drive on average takes 2.5 hours, although we sadly aren’t weather gods and if the conditions are poor it can take longer.  You’ll find some transfer companies we recommend here.

We’ve been lucky enough to have international guests from America and Dubai, on this instance air travel is the only option!


The Train

One of the best options available if you are looking to minimise your carbon footprint is the train that starts from London St Pancras taking you to Aime La Plagne with one change.  There are now two different routes, one changing within Paris and one within Lille.  Both trains arrive in at around 6pm so you’ve just got a short trip up the mountain bends before you can relax and put your feet up in our Chalets!  The advantages here are no luggage weight restrictions or added extra fees for your equipment.

The Paris train runs on Saturdays and requires you to change stations within Paris, you can do this via the metro or a taxi ride.  The Lille train you can remain at the same station to change trains, however their returning service operates on Sundays so you would need to find accomodation locally or in Aime on the Saturday night.

Another option which may work for some groups is to take the train to Paris on Friday night, spend the night in Paris then continue your journey the next day to Aime!

Don’t forget we offer a free crate of BrewDog for everyone taking their return trip from the UK on the train to encourage more sustainable travel!

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